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📦 extjs-ctrl-simmanager

Development Package providing a null default simlet when using fake endpoints with conjoon. This makes sure that requests can bypass the simlet factories and are treated natively.

Use this package, if you...​

  • are developing with conjoon and want to make sure that HTTP requests not handled by simlets still work



This package is automatically installed with conjoon when used in a --save-dev context.

$ npm i --save-dev @coon-js/extjs-ctrl-simmanager

If you want to develop with this package, run the build:dev-script:

$ npm run build:dev

Testing environment will then be available via

$ npm test

Configuring Sencha Ext JS​

Make sure your ExtJS workspace.json is properly configured to look up local repositories in the node_modules-directory.

"packages": {
"dir": "${workspace.dir}/node_modules/@l8js,${workspace.dir}/node_modules/@conjoon,...",
"extract": "${workspace.dir}/packages/remote"

Update the app.json of the application by specifying this package in the uses-property in either the development and/or production section:

"development": {
"uses": [
"production": {
"uses": [