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Introduction ☀

conjoon is an open source JavaScript email client.

💅 Its architecture provides a clear separation between the frontend and the backend

🍋 It is easy to install and to configure.

👨‍🏫 Its well documented APIs makes it easy to extend and adopt functionality.

Quick Start ⏱

Install Node.js and create a new conjoon site:

npx create-conjoon@latest

Pick the install type, then follow the instructions on screen. Refer to the docs for more information on how to use create-conjoon

If you picked "npm" as the release type...
Type in
$ cd target_folder
$ npm run stage

Your site starts at http://localhost:9001 with a production build of conjoon.

Open build/production/conjoon/desktop/resources/coon-js/conjoon.conf.json and edit the packages' endpoints if you have a backend available.


You have just installed the latest build available for conjoon. For instructions on how to build the project from scratch, check out the installation guide.

Features 🎁

The Frontend is a highly extendable and configurable JavaScript application requiring only a webserver capable of serving static files

The UI is able to manage multiple email accounts at once - no switching between instances required

The Backend is an easy to install Lumen/Laravel application

IMAP / SMTP protocol implementations for all relevant email operations

REST API documentation available as OpenAPI documentation

Tested with the most popular free email services

Staying informed 📰

Something missing? 🔍

If you find an issue with the documentation or conjoon in general, or if you need to ask a question or have a great idea for a new feature, please let us know! You can use all the community tools available over at our GitHub Page, or file a ticket directly.

We'll also happily connect with you over Twitter - just send a tweet mentioning the @conjoon Twitter account.