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🔑 extjs-app-imapuser

Application Package serving as Authentication Provider. Provides the UI and client logic for authentication against single IMAP servers.

This package supports rest-api-email for authenticating a user against an IMAP server, where the sign-in crendentials for an IMAP-account are the login-information submitted via this package's login form.

Use this package, if you...​

  • want to allow users to directly authenticate against an IMAP server
  • are an ISP and want to provide webmail services for your clients based on IMAP account information
  • are using lumen-app-email


This package requires a service that complies with the REST API described in rest-api-email which can be found in the REST API description of the conjoon-project.

Works great with lumen-app-email!

This package was developed along with lumen-app-email and is ready to be used with it.

Mocking required Services

When using this package without a running backend, you should use the extjs-dev-imapusersim-package for providing fake endpoints.



This package is automatically installed with conjoon.

$ npm i @conjoon/extjs-app-imapuser

If you want to develop with this package, run the build:dev-script:

$ npm run build:dev

Testing environment will then be available via

$ npm test

Configuring Sencha Ext JS​

Make sure your ExtJS workspace.json is properly configured to look up local repositories in the node_modules-directory.

"packages": {
"dir": "${workspace.dir}/node_modules/@l8js,${workspace.dir}/node_modules/@conjoon,...",
"extract": "${workspace.dir}/packages/remote"

Update the app.json of the application by specifying this package in the uses-property in either the development and/or production section:

"development": {
"uses": [
"production": {
"uses": [


extjs-app-imapuser is a coon.js package and is tagged as such in its package.json:

"coon-js": {
"package": {
"autoLoad": {
"registerController": true
"config": "${package.resourcePath}/extjs-app-imapuser.conf.json"

By default, this package's configuration can be found in this package's resources folder in a file named extjs-app-imapuser.conf.json.

What goes into an extjs-app-imapuser configuration?​


The following can be applied directly to conjoon.conf.json. Refer to the configuration guide!

The package takes care of sending sign-in credentials of a user via HTTP to a backend implementing rest-api-mail. Used with conjoon, it will also hook into the preLaunch-process and render views for providing form inputs for the user.

The configuration for this package provides two fields: tile and service:

"title": "Login",
"service": {
"rest-imapuser" : {
"base" : ""


  • Type: String

The title of the package. This is used for assembling navigation entries, or changing the document.title of the browser instance the application runs in. This package notifies interested observers with this title whenever view of the package gets activated and gains the focus.


  • Type: Object

Endpoint configuration for this package. Used to create required URLs for outgoing HTTP-requests. Provides the field rest-imapuser.base that must contain the base URL where endpoints for authentication as described in rest-api-mail can be found.