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The following explains the most common issues that can occur when trying to connect to your email account of a free email service from 3rd party clients.

Q: Why can't I connect to my account using an external email client?​

A: Due to security reasons, some free email services (such as Freenet) require you to explicitly allow external access of their IMAP and/or SMTP servers with your account. This setting is most often found directly in the user interface of the service's webmail client.

Q: When do I have to use a one-time password with my free email account?​

A: When using 2FA with your account for a free email service (such as Yahoo! Mail or Google Mail), you most likely won't be able to connect directly to your IMAP account by providing the configured username (email address) and password. Those free email services allow for setting a one-time-password for accessing email operations with 3rd party clients. It is most often directly found in the account settings page of the service and should be used if you experience problems when signing-in.

Known issues​

Here is a list of known issues with free email services when using lumen-app-email/php-lib-conjoon; most of the time, these issues are caused by special implementations of the communication protocols being used.

Q: Why do I get the message "Moving the message to the Sent-folder failed" when conjoon tries to send an email using Gmail account data?​

A: Google Mail uses labels for messages, effectively replacing mailboxes. Representing the root-layout of a mailbox-hierarchy, Google Mail has so called "system labels" for special operations related to messages, such as labels for messages that were sent, or marked as spam, or a part of the inbox of a mail account.

When accessing Google Mail servers and sending emails, **lumen-app-email** cannot move a message into the Google Mail's "sent" mailbox: The label used here internally will already be automatically added to messages that were sent. This is why you are getting notices on the screen indicating that moving a sent email failed. This does not break functionality; you will still find the messages in the "sent" folder.

Q: Why does the message grid in conjoon not list any messages when using iCloud account-data?​

A: horde/imap_client - which is internally used with lumen-app-email and php-lib-conjoon - has some troubles querying message items from iCloud servers. Messages can be indexed, but the PHP-library fails to retrieve them.