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🐝 mail-internal-previewtext

Internal Plugin

This is an internal plugin defined by extjs-app-webmail.

Component Plugin for lazy loading preview texts of email messages into the message grid, making sure envelope informations are loaded and rendered first.

Use this plugin, if you...​

  • want to speed up the initial loading of the contents of the message grid



This plugin is automatically installed with extjs-app-webmail and enabled by default.


Enabling / Disabling the plugin​

The plugin can be enabled by adding an entry with the field fclass set to conjoon.cn_mail.view.mail.message.grid.feature.PreviewTextLazyLoad in the plugins/components-section:

"packages": {
"extjs-app-webmail": {

"plugins": {
"components": [{
"cmp": "cn_mail-mailmessagegrid",
"fclass": "conjoon.cn_mail.view.mail.message.grid.feature.PreviewTextLazyLoad",
"event": "cn_init"


To disable the plugin, remove its entry from this section.

Accepted fields​

This plugin's configuration is provided with the section packages.extjs-app-webmail of the conjoon.conf.json-file.

Readonly fields - these fields should not be changed


  • Type: String

The component query used to identify the target component for displaying a random quote


  • Type: String

The fqn of the plugin (extending Ext.grid.feature.Feature)


  • Type: String

The event notifying observers that the target component is readily available for accepting HTML child nodes.


The plugin does not support external configuration yet.

The options-parameters sent to the REST API endpoint /MailAccounts/{mailAccountId}/MailFolders/{mailFolderId}/MessageItems for retrieving the previewText are as follows:

"options": {
"previewText": {
"plain": {
"precedence": true,
"length": 200
"html": {
"length": 200

You can find these settings in the file src/data/mail/message/proxy/MessageEntityProxy.js of the extjs-app-webmail-package.