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🐝 mail-internal-newmessages

Internal Plugin

This is an internal plugin defined by extjs-app-webmail.

Controller Plugin for showing desktop notifications for new email messages. Mailboxes will be polled for new messages in a specific interval.

Use this plugin, if you...​

  • want to poll mailboxes of mail accounts for new email messages
  • want to provide visual and audible notifications for new email messages


This package uses the Notification API. Desktop Notifications will only be displayed if the user has granted permission to the API to do so. Permissions will be requested during the start of conjoon by showing an Announcement.



This plugin is automatically installed with extjs-app-webmail and enabled by default.


Enabling / Disabling the plugin​

The plugin can be enabled by adding an entry with the field xclass set to in the plugins/controller-section:

"packages": {
"extjs-app-webmail": {
"plugins": {
"controller": [{
"xclass": "",
"args": [{
"interval": 240000


To disable the plugin, remove its entry from this section.

Accepted fields​

This plugin's configuration is provided with the section packages.extjs-app-webmail of the conjoon.conf.json-file.

Readonly fields - these fields should not be changed


  • Type: String

The fqn of the plugin (extending


  • Type: Array

An array of arguments passed to the constructor of the plugin. For this plugin, an object should be submitted to the constructor, containing the following fields:

  • Type: Integer

The interval (in milliseconds) in which mailboxes should be polled for new messages. Defaults to 240000 ms (4 minutes).

Additional Configuration

Additional settings for this plugin can be configured with the extjs-app-webmail configuration.

  • Type: String

Please refer to this entry for more information on this field

  • Type: String

Please refer to this entry for more information on this field