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🐝 mail-internal-mailtohandler

Internal Plugin

This is an internal plugin defined by extjs-app-webmail.

Controller Plugin for registering extjs-app-webmail as a protocol handler for mailto-links.

Use this plugin, if you...​

  • want to use extjs-app-webmail as the default email client that processes user interactions with mailto-links


This package only works if extjs-app-webmail is used in a secured context, i.e. the website integrating extjs-app-webmail uses encrypted http-client/server communication (SSL/TLS; https).



This plugin is automatically installed with extjs-app-webmail and enabled by default.


Enabling / Disabling the plugin​

The plugin can be enabled by adding an entry with the field xclass set to in the plugins/controller-section:

"packages": {
"extjs-app-webmail": {
"plugins": {
"controller": [{
"xclass": ""


To disable the plugin, remove its entry from this section.

Using this plugin​


We'll be using Google ChromeV107.0.5304.107 for this example.

Once this plugin was properly recognized by the browser, you will see a new icon appearing to the right side of the address bar:

The new icon indicates that the website is asking for permission to register itself as a protocol handler. Click the icon to see more details.

Click Allow. You can always remove the web-app using extjs-app-webmail as the protocol handler by typing into the address bar:


This will open up the Protocol handlers setting page of Chrome, providing further configuration options for this setting.