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🐝 app-internal-desktopquotes

Internal Plugin

This is an internal plugin defined by conjoon.

Component Plugin for greeting the user with a random quote that gets displayed in the main content area of conjoon upon startup.

Use this plugin, if you...​

  • want to greet your users with a random quote when they start conjoon



This plugin is automatically installed with conjoon and enabled by default.


Enabling / Disabling the plugin​

The plugin can be enabled by adding an entry with the field pclass set to conjoon.plugin.WorkbenchQuotes in the plugins/components-section:

"plugins": {
"components": [{
"cmp": "cn_navport-conctr",
"pclass": "conjoon.plugin.WorkbenchQuotes",
"event": "afterrender",
"args": [
"template": "./resources/templates/html/workbench_quotes.html.tpl",
"url": "./resources/json/workbench_quotes.list.json"

To disable the plugin, remove its entry from this section.

Accepted fields​

This plugin's configuration is provided with the conjoon.conf.json-file.

Readonly fields - these fields should not be changed


  • Type: String

The component query used to identify the target component for displaying a random quote


  • Type: String

The fqn of the plugin (extending Ext.plugin.Abstract)


  • Type: String

The event notifying observers that the target component is readily available for accepting HTML child nodes.


  • Type: Array

An array of arguments passed to the constructor of the plugin. For this plugin, an object should be submitted to the constructor, containing the following fields:

  • Type: String

The url to the json-file containing the quotes. Must be an array of objects containing arbitrary key/value-pairs

author: "Aristotle",
text: "Well begun is half done!"
}, {
author: "House of Atreides",
text: "Atreides! Atreides! Atreides!"

Entries from the file will be randomly selected. An entry is passed as an object named quote to the template.


The url for the quote file can easily be changed, so why don't you maintain your own list of quotes - how about a Best/Worst-Of of your coworkers?

  • Type: String

The url to the template-file that is used for rendering the quote. The template file must contain valid HTML.

  • E6 template syntax must be used for identifying template variables
  • The quote's details are submitted to the template in an object named quote
${ ?? "unknown"} says ${quote.text}