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🚪 ddev-ms-email

.ddev/Docker configuration providing standalone server for conjoon/lumen-app-email.

Provides additional scripts for adding a running conjoon JavaScript Email frontend installation to this container.



Please make sure you have Docker and DDEV installed and running.

Starting DDEV​

Clone the ddev-ms-email repository:

$ git clone
$ cd ./ddev-ms-email
$ ddev start


Once the server was started, a hook script will advise composer take care of obtaining the latest version of the conjoon/lumen-app-email package.

Note: This will only happen automatically if the server does not find an existing installation of lumen-app-email.

Once the package and all of its dependencies where loaded, the installation process of lumen-app-email starts. Please refer to the documentation for a detailed description of each installation step.

The services can then be accessed at the URL the container uses, defaulting to

for authentication and

for the email messaging API.


conjoon is a JavaScript Email frontend and can be used with the API of lumen-app-email.

If you wish to install conjoon with this container, run

ddev create-conjoon

This will start create-conjoon and guide you through the steps necessary for setting up the frontend.

You can then access the frontend at the URL

Please make sure to read the documentation regarding the various configuration options availlable.


Re-installing lumen-app-email​

Connect to the server:

$ ddev ssh

Manually invoke the installation of lumen-app-email. For creating a lumen-app-email instance with the latest stable version from the v1.*-branch, type

$ composer create-project conjoon/lumen-app-email lumen-app-email "1.*" 

Re-installing conjoon​


$ ddev create-conjoon

and follow the instructions on screen.

DDEV Configuration​

DDEV-configuration can be found in ./ddev/config.yaml. Adjust to your needs.

Additional resources​

Please refer to the documentation of conjoon/lumen-app-email for additional information on how to configure your instance of lumen-app-email.