A pluggable email client built for the web.

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conjoon is a JavaScript webmail client based on coon.js, backed by the Sencha ExtJS framework.

Built for modern browsers, conjoon provides a state-of-the art usability, driven by the web's newest technologies.

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All packages are installable via NPM which allows for easy package-development and -deployment. conjoon provides an open architecture: Need a feature that is not available in the repository yet? Start coding away and plug your sources into the backplate during development or runtime!

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Technology Stack


coon.js is a toolset for rapid Sencha ExtJS application building.


l8js is a small and lightweight JavaScript library and provides wrappers and thin abstraction layers to ease the process of accessing and manipulating data in JavaScript.

Sencha ExtJS

Sencha Ext JS is a JavaScript framework for building data-intensive, cross-platform web and mobile applications.


Siesta is a JavaScript unit and UI testing tool which can run tests in web pages or in Node.js processes. Siesta has a powerful event recorder & player and a scalable automation package with cloud testing support.


All packages used in and with conjoon are available via NPM, making dependency management and builds easy.


All packages used in and with conjoon are version controlled via Github.

Open source

conjoon is proud to be open source.

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